Frequently asked questions

- Durability - Materials and Construction Processes? -

Through our 20 years of experience in menu construction we have come up with the most durable materials and the best ways to build menus of any kind. Proper use by the company in combination with the quality of materials can result in highly durable menus.

- What are the menus’ dimensions? -

In addition to basic dimensions, we can build menus in any dimension you want.

- How many menus can I order? -

We are able to manufacture from one sample to as many pieces as you want. In case you require one or more samples, we will ship them at a fee which will be deducted from the final order.

- How do I include the business logo in the menu? -

Your logo can be included in many ways on the menu. Either with wood, metal, plexiglass tags and digital printing, or with silk-screen printing, rotogravure, gold blocking, etc.

- What is the average delivery time? -

We are quite flexible in terms of delivery times. We can ship your order even within 3 business days, although shipping time can go up to 20 days depending on the number, type of menus and our workload. The days count once we have agreed on the exact result of the project.

- How many internal pages can the menus have? -

The menus are constructed in such a way that they can accommodate as many pages as you need. We use ways to make it easy for you to add or remove pages.

- What can we make for you? -

We can create an entire range of menu forms from the simplest to the most complex. We can implement your idea as long as it is technically possible. Just let your imagination go free…


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